Friday, January 7, 2011

Restoran Ming Feong @ Pusing Perak

During New Year weekend, we went back to my hubby's hometown Pusing in Perak. We decided to have the Sunday lunch at this old restaurant in the town called Ming Fong. If not mistaken, this restaurant has been established more than 30 years. I think this is only my 2nd visit to this restaurant since 10 years ago. I remembered during my 1st visit, the food here was very nice and I like it. They offer chinese cuisine like chu-char (stir-fry). Most of the customers are locals and some are from other states. If you are on the way to Lumut/Pangkor Island, one can always stop by this old town which veil a number of infamous food here.

Interior of the restaurant - with antique fans, wooden chairs and marble tables. The wall tiles and red cement floor were previously installed by my father-in-law. He used to work as a renovator but now he runs an orchard.

Their hand-made egg noodle in soup served with prawns RM16 - somehow this is one of their specialties but i found it to taste average as noodle that day was not really springy and the soup has stronger taste of the noodles instead of the sweetness from the chinese cabbage or prawns

Stir-fry vegetable

Here come their main specialty - claypot doggy duck RM24 for half duck. This dish is very nice. It is called 'doggy' because last time in Pusing claypot dog meat dish was quite popular and probably this dish is somewhat replica of the dog meat dish with the way it is cook but nowadays there is no more dog meat dish.

37, Main Road, Pusing

Perak, 31550

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